Transition Services

North Star Transition Services provide coaching and instruction to help clients learn skills that will allow them to navigate post-secondary and employment environmental demands.  In doing so, clients come to “own” a personalized method of thinking/problem solving which can be applied in varied situations/tasks across all settings.

Transition services address clients who are in the process of “launching”, and who have or will have a high school diploma or GED.  The client may have challenges in executive functioning, academic learning, social thinking/communication, emotional regulation and/or functional independent skills.  Clients may also be diagnosed with disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anxiety, Depression, Specific Learning Disability, Social Communication Disorder, Non-verbal Learning Disorder, (ASD or High Functioning Autism). 

Challenges for Employment or Post-secondary Education
This client population tends to “fool” providers.  Such individuals can be quite capable in some areas, might possess strong language skills, may do well on standardized measurements, but not fare so well when they have to apply these skills in school, employment or community settings.  While the “hidden” expectations of these settings tend to be automatically understood by the general population, the same is not true for these specific clients, thus they are less likely to succeed in post-secondary and job settings.  They do not instinctively grasp the “rules of the road” and require direct and explicit instruction to learn how to decipher appropriate social, cultural and organization expectations in new situations.

Some, but not all, of the educational or employment challenges that clients might encounter are:

Schools and agencies supporting young adults with disabilities are familiar with these challenges and have increasingly collaborated to provide instruction in these areas  The training clients receive teaches them the skills involved with “what” to do for a specific situation/task.  However, these clients have difficulty generalizing or “seeing” how to apply the skill in a variety of other situations.  To assist the client in broadening a particular skill requires providers to teach the same skill across varied settings/situations.  This process is very time consuming for providers and may be overwhelming for clients; however, it is necessary in order to increase and sustain client success in post-secondary education and vocational settings.

The foundation of North Star’s Transition Service is built on the highly regarded research/programs and neuro-developmental constructs of Dr. Mel Levine and social thinking research/programs of Michelle Garcia Winners.  In addition, North Star draws upon other well-researched programs in the fields of Developmental Education, Speech/Language, Special Education, Executive Functioning, Brain-based Learning and Psychology.


North Star PREP provides young adults diagnosed with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder or other social communication disorders with a therapeutic, individually tailored menu of opportunities to develop the personal, academic, social emotional, vocational and adult skills to navigate post-secondary and employment environmental demands.  PREP staff work with young adults building upon their strengths, interests and passions through a relational therapeutic approach. 

PREP is a 3, 4, or 5 day a week service based on the school year calendar.


Young Adult Transition or “Launching” Coaching
Transition or Launching Coaching is designed to develop skills and implement strategies to help clients reach specified goals related to moving into adult life.  This form of coaching emphasizes positive thinking and the creation of achievable goals for career development, independent living and social and emotional well-being.  These require active effort by the client and, at times, the parent/guardian(s)/school/agency.  All client plans are individually tailored to the client’s needs and personal goals.

The general goals of Transition Coaching
Develop and teach systems, strategies, tools and techniques for:

Coaching Services
Coaches collaborate with clients to create a brain-based learning profile that outlines the client’s individual strengths and challenges, in order to help the client understand their current level of functioning.  This profile is developed using client input about their own perceptions of their learning, review of educational records, informal assessment, as well as, information gathered from parents, teachers and other professionals and school observation.

Coaching services include:

Career and College Match: Discover Who You Are and What Your Future Looks Like
This service assists students and your adults as they transition from high school to college and college to career.  These services are a blend of academic, adult life and career preparation for high school and college students.
Services may include but are not limited to:

Consultation Services
Consultation Services are provided by experienced Education Specialists, Vocation Counselors and Psychologists who partner with the client, parents/guardians and other professionals, such as school staff, to work toward a common goal of enhancing learning, academic self-esteem, as well as social and emotional well-being. 
Consultation service plans are individually designed based upon client and/or family needs.
These services include:

*Advocacy Services are NOT provided*


High School and College Academic Tutoring
Education Specialists review any assessments or school data and interview client, parent and school staff, as appropriate.  Specialists complete screenings or assessments as needed, create and develop goals for instruction and provide a list of recommendations for home. 
Tutoring services support clients with direct, individual teacher instruction for skill development or enrichment in a specific subject area.  Each Tutoring Plan is customized to the client’s individual needs, and clients are assigned tutors based upon those needs.

Transition Assessment
Transition Assessment includes formal and informal measures to help the client understand his or her:

Key components of Transition Assessment are that they are:

interests, strengths and needs

Transitional Assessment results serve as the thread in the transition process and form the basis from which goals and services are developed and implemented.

Which Way Now? Focus on Employment
“Which Way Now?” is an introductory, exploratory program based upon North Star’s PREP program.  It offers young adults who are not sure which post-secondary education or career paths are best suited for them the opportunity to explore different options and paths in a small group setting with similar, same-age peers. 

Participants possess a high school diploma and/or college credits/diplomas.  Participants may need to develop skills or need more practice in:                  

The program is structured as a series of workshops.  Each workshop has a specific topic that is covered in depth to help develop the participant’s sense of self, skills for personal growth in vocational areas, and the creation, as well as implementation, of a career action plan.  Participants in the workshops are treated as “employees,” while coaching staff will model as well as reinforce expected employee performance throughout each workshop.


The Real Game
The goals of the GAME are to introduce participants to independent living via a fun game simulation that explores career paths, the importance of education and managing ones leisure and work time.  It incorporates a variety of subject and skill areas which include, but are not limited to team work, budgeting, social skills, critical thinking, self-awareness and the culture of the work place.


Participants will work with staff to set up goals and assess progress through the development of a portfolio that will illustrate progress and completion of related tasks and activities.  The final conference will include parents and, as appropriate, VR counselors and other related professionals.  Personal outcomes for each participant will be based upon the goals and objectives that are set up during the first two sessions.  These may include specific goals developed by the participant, the staff and/or the VR Counselor.


Summer and Saturday Services
Many of the services described above are provided on Saturdays and during the summer in an abbreviated form. 

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