Preschool - 8th Grade Education Services & Tutoring

Individualized Instruction - Tutoring

Tutoring services provide students with direct individual teacher instruction for skill development or enrichment in a specific subject area. Each Tutoring Plan is customized to individual student's needs. Our staff are trained/certified in general education curriculum and many in specialized instructional services, such as:

Reading: Project Read, Wilson, Orton-Gillingham, Visualizing and Verbalizing, LIPS, Framing Your Thoughts.

Math: Semple Math, Cloud Nine, Solve, Pirate Math

National Test Prep: PSAT, SAT, ACT, Accuplacer, GED

Subject Areas: Elementary and Secondary - Reading (phonics, fluency), Reading Comprehension, Written Language, Math, Sciences, and Study Skills.

Homework Support

This service is for students and families who are interested in having a student work on assignments that have been provided by the student's teachers. Additional instruction and resource material may be used to further student understanding. This service provides clarification and guidance for homework; it does not provide remedial or enrichment tutoring.

Educational Coaching

Education Coaching is a service to assist students in learning how to reach their education potential. Study skills and tutoring services teach a set of instructional strategies or skills to improve specific subject areas or strategies for organization, such as using a planner. Students who work with a coach learn about their unique learning profile and learn skills/strategies that are best suited to how they learn. Students don't just learn the "what" of the skill; they learn "how" to apply and generalize the skill.

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is individualized to you and your family's needs. The following is an example of parent coaching:

1. Identify your parenting strengths and challenges
2. Identify your child's or children's strengths and challenges
3. Use this knowledge to create routines, structure and rewarding family time
4. Set realistic goals
5. Learn to prioritize
6. Learn to identify behaviors using Ross Greene's "basket approach"
7. Work collaboratively with your coach and family
8. Coaches can provide modeling and practice
9. Develop skills to reinforce and teach your child "life skills"
10. Set up a home environment that embraces your concept of "home and family"

"Bridge" Services at North Star

Bridge Services are designed for students in grades 5 -12 who may find themselves temporarily unable to attend their public or private school for a variety of reason. Bridge is an alternative to homebased instruction for these students and serves as a time for them to continue to with the learning expectations of their school program in a supported individual and small group setting. The setting decreases the possibility of the student becoming "home-bound." Bridge Services at North Star work collaboratively in conjunction with the student, parents and school to prepare and support the student in transitioning back to a school setting when appropriate.

Bridges students may be:

Bridges does not accept students who need an interim alternative placement due to illegal violations or significant behavioral issues.