Consultation & Assessment

Consultation services are provided by experienced Education Specialist who partner with parents and other professionals, such as school staff, to work towards common goals for the client. Consultation service plans are individually designed based upon client or family needs. They include the following:

Individualized Instruction - Tutoring

Tutoring services provide students with direct individual teacher instruction for skill development or enrichment in a specific subject area. Each Tutoring Plan is customized to individual student's needs. Our staff are trained/certified in general education curriculum and many in specialized instructional services, such as:

Reading: Project Read, Wilson, Orton-Gillingham, Visualizing and Verbalizing, LIPS, Framing Your Thoughts.

Math: Semple Math, Cloud Nine, Solve, Pirate Math

National Test Prep: PSAT, SAT, ACT, Accuplacer, GED

Subject Areas: Elementary and Secondary - Reading (phonics, fluency), Reading Comprehension, Written Language, Math, Sciences, and Study Skills.

Homework Support

This service is for students and families who are interested in having a student work on assignments that have been provided by the student's teachers. Additional instruction and resource material may be used to further student understanding. This service provides clarification and guidance for homework; it does not provide remedial or enrichment tutoring.

Assessment Services

Our evaluators have a wide-range of expertise in assessment of the learning, communication, adaptive, social and emotional functioning of clients from 2 years – Adults. We do not offer assessment services for the geriatric population.

North Star evaluators actively involve all our clients, even our elementary students, in being an integral part of the process of identifying their own assets, challenges and developmental variations. We also actively involve our clients in assisting with creating recommendations and suggestions for supports and next steps.

Our comprehensive assessment reports include practical recommendations that can be implemented in school, home and community settings. Assessments completed for Special Education or 504 processes will include suggestions for IEP or 504 plans. For our younger clients, a separate evaluation summary report is created for and reviewed with them by an evaluator.